I’m either overly ambitious or completely crazy, but I found a way to create an online school. Since it has always bothered me that there has never been a truly free platform for Heathen learning, I decided to create one myself.

I have named the school “Diverse Heathens University” because I follow an eclectic path, and the main purpose of the school will be to teach people enough about Heathenry to create their own unique style of Heathenry.

I only have one “Challenge” up so far – the way that the platform is set up, a class is considered a group of challenges, and a lesson is a challenge – but I wanted to go ahead and announce this because one of the really cool things about the platform I’m using is that it allows me to have an unlimited number of instructors.

I can’t access premium features without paying to use the platform, but the free package comes with space for an unlimited number of teachers and 250 students (called peers on the platform). There is also space for 750 total lessons on the basic (free) plan.

The reason that the lessons are set up as challenges is because students can earn points towards any items placed in the school store. I’m not personally planning on selling any items, but I know I have a few people who read my blog who do sell items of their own.

If you’re reading this and you’re a craftsy type who sells your own art, then I ask you to consider joining the school as an instructor. You would be able to choose to sell it for real world money or for points earned via the lessons you decide to teach. That invitation also applies to anyone who reads this and would simply like to teach, not just those with crafts to sell.

Also, if you are interested but afraid that you don’t know enough to contribute as an instructor, I’ll tell you right now that you’re not giving yourself enough credit. It would be nice to see a school of Heathenry that is centered around celebrating the independence and diversity we each bring to the path – for that reason, I believe everyone has something to offer.

If this sounds like an interesting concept to you, at least check out the website, which I linked above and you can also access here. Sign up for an account and review the first challenge/lesson I’ve posted.

If you decide you are interested, send me an email or leave your email in the comments so that I can give you admin status on the site. I don’t know where this particular path will lead, but I think it’s worth finding out!

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