Course Created

I’m excited. I finished the introductory Heathen course for the school. I’m actually rather surprised by how well it turned out in terms of appearance. RCampus is an interesting portal, that’s for certain.

Please follow these instructions to join [Heathenry 101]:

  1. Go to
    • If you are already a member of, please login and go to step 2
    • If not a member, select sign up on top
    • Create login information, and press [continue]
    • Complete your profile, and press [save]
  2. From top menu select classroom, and from side menu select join class
  3. Enter the following codes:
    • class ID : 139692
    • Access Code : HN101


The course is self-paced, but it’s not self-study. There are no due dates on the assignments, but the course is set up where I will end up awarding points for each assignment.

Whether you’re interested in taking the course or just on seeing how I have things arranged and giving feedback, I’d be honored to have some of my readers sign up.

Also, if you’re not interested but know of someone who is, feel free to provide them with the information above.

The course is free, and it will always be free.

5 thoughts on “Course Created”

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Since the course is self-paced, you basically have lifetime enrollment, so you can work on things whenever you want. 🙂


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