Requesting Quotes of a Polytheistic Nature

One of my guilty pleasures is browsing Pinterest for quotes, but there is a decided lack of quotes about Polytheism that are positive rather than calling us all primitive and backwards. I’m determined to put together a collection of quotes around Polytheism in an imgur album so that I can then upload them to Pinterest.

You can find the album here:

I’m looking for quotes about Polytheism, about being a Polytheist, and quotes that come from the Gods via various literature sources. Anything/everything that deals with the multiplicity of the Gods – that’s what I’m looking to put in this album.

I’m sick and tired of being told that my beliefs are backwards/primitive because I happen to honor multiple gods, and I’m sure there are other polytheists who are sick of it, too. There’s only so much that social media can do to promote the intellectual rigor of polytheism, but every little bit helps.

So comment with your favorite quotes from your gods, about your gods, or about polytheism in general. Let’s get some more positive vibes going in the social media arena.

2 thoughts on “Requesting Quotes of a Polytheistic Nature”

  1. I’d saved these two quotes off of a Kemetic blog I used to follow. Perhaps they would be of use?

    Truth is the harvest scythe. What is sown – love or anger or bitterness – that shall be your bread. The corn is no better than its seed, then let what you plant be good.

    -Thoth, Egyptian Book of the Dead

    Do not be haughty because of your knowledge,
    But take council with the unlearned man as well as the learned.
    For no one has ever obtained perfection of competence,
    And there is no craftsman who has acquired (full) mastery.
    Good advice is rarer than emeralds,
    And yet it may be found even among women at the grindstones.

    – maxims of Ptahhotep

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