When Freyr Provides

Sometimes, the gods themselves bring to us the means in which to honor them best.

This day has been a prime example of that for me.

Earlier today, my sister went out to get food from food pantries, as her and her boyfriend are currently struggling to make ends meet. Due to complications arising between work schedules and school commitments, the two of them need some help to get by.

On my own end, I am saving money to move into an apartment at the beginning of the year, so I have sacrificed eating well for saving the money I need. I have been doing my best to live off the smallest amount of the cheapest food I can afford, so purchasing a feast to celebrate the High Night of the Winter Solstice was out of the question.

When my sister returned, she had a couple boxes of food with her. Some of that food included ham and ribs. Even though we share a home, we don’t eat together, so I wasn’t expecting them to include me in their meal tonight.

For supper, they prepared barbecued ribs, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and corn. After they were done preparing the food, they told me I was welcome to the food. I was surprised by the offer but gratified by it.

Not only did they offer me sustenance, they also allowed me the means in which to offer a proper plate of food to Freyr to honor Him on this night. Neither one of them are Pagans or Polytheists (I believe they are both atheists), so the meal itself didn’t seem like more than a coincidence to them.

I found it fascinating, however, that the meal itself contained pork, which is one of the meats most often used in feasts prepared in Freyr’s honor. I saw Freyr’s presence in the contents of the meal as well as in the way it came to me, as Freyr is a god of abundance and wealth. That wealth comes in many different forms, and food is one of those forms.

I was also caught up in thinking earlier how I wished I had a way to prepare a feast in His honor, the way my path dictates. And then that wish was granted. Freyr made it possible for me to honor Him tonight, and I don’t really think I can adequately explain how grateful I am to Him for giving me the means to strengthen the bond between us.

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