Abortion and Heathen Morality

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Tyr is the god of the law, the god of honour, the god of peace and justice.  All of these things come from his ordeal, his choice, and his path; accepting the cost.  Tyr offered his sword arm and thus his status as champion and warrior as security to Fenris Wolf so he would accept the binding that proved to hold the ever-hungry one, and stop his devouring all that lived.  He accepted the loss of his hand because when it came down to it, he taught us that honour requires us to accept the cost of our choices, the price of our bargains and decisions or we can have neither worth nor honour.

This brings us to one of the most divisive issues of the day, abortion.

There are Heathens on both sides of the issue.  In my own community the split is very heavy on the side of…

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Interpreting Sallustius Series

On the new multi-trad community I mentioned, I wrote a 3-part series that discusses Sallustius’s treatise “On the Gods and the World.”

In Part I, I discuss Sallustius’s comments on the nature of the gods.

In Part 2, I discuss Sallustius’s views on the nature of the myths.

In Part 3, I discuss Sallustius’s five levels of myth.

These are the parts of Sallustius’s treatise that I find most valuable, and I highly recommend everyone read the treatise, as it is available for free online.