30-Day Devotional for Loki: Day Ten

Question: What are the historical and/or UPG offerings for Loki? 

Historically, the answer is – there are none. While Loki may have been worshipped in the ancient past, any associated practices with such a cult have long been lost. There is speculation that he may have served as a culture hero, and those are typically honored privately within a home, if at all. So, all of the offerings given to Loki today come from modern understandings of him and the personal gnosis of his devotees.


This is an offering most, if not all, Lokeans have given to Loki at some point. There is something about Loki that suggests he has an insatiable sweet tooth, and chocolate seems to be high on his list of favorites. I’ve personally found that he really enjoys orange chocolate, and there has been some speculation that the “fruit of the gods” was really oranges referred to as golden apples.


For a god that holds fire as one of his primary attributes, it is clear to see why Loki enjoys things with a bold cinnamon flavor. Fireball whiskey seems to be one of his favorite alcoholic beverages. I’ve mixed this with cream soda before to give it a sweet kick. I’ve also given him cinnamon candies and cinnamon raisin bread, which also seems to be another favorite.


While non-food offerings are not very common today, I have found that when Loki does want something that isn’t food, it’s very often some sort of logic puzzle. I’ve gifted him a Rubik cube, a Chinese stick game, and a miniature Jenga set. He is known as the problem-solver of the gods, so it doesn’t surprise me that he enjoys small puzzle games as offerings.

Those are the three main categories of offerings that I find myself giving to Loki, although there are also things like this blog where I honor him by writing about him and the communities that I support for him and through him. Any sort of community work done to bring people together seems to honor him, and that allows for all sorts of useful offerings.

When it comes to what you can offer Loki – or any other deity – it all just depends on how you view it. If you think an offering is only something that can sit on an altar, that severely limits the types of offerings you can give. You can also offer your services, but be sure you know just exactly how much work you are willing to do.

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