30-Day Devotional for Loki: Day 12

Question: What places are associated with Loki and his worship? 

Historically, there are no physical places associated with Loki. There are no special landmarks, no particular towns or cities where he was the patron or the beloved of the people. So, in geographical terms, there are none.

In a way, though, the place associated with Loki is everywhere, as he is present in every fire ever burned, both wildfire and tamed. He is present in every ritual done to the Norse gods where a candle is lit or incense is burned or a bonfire is laid. He oversees the ritual sacrifice, and he is the one who opens the ways between the gods and humankind.

Lodur resides in the oldest places, maintaining the connections between us and the gods. He can be found in the liminal spaces, the places that connect two disparate lands or zones, as these liminal spaces are the places where it is easiest to communicate across the worlds.

Liminal spaces include the places where land meets water at a shoreline, where water meets air, where the light meets the dark in caves, and where the land meets the sky across the globe. Another liminal space is the bridge that crosses water, creating a tripled liminal space where water meets air and air meets land and then land meets air. Bridges, then, can perhaps be seen as the most sacred space for Lodur, as they are a strong connecting force.

I have often seen Loki as a builder of bridges, a connector of worlds, and a god that brings people together. It is only fitting, then, that bridges themselves could be considered a sacred place for this most liminal of gods.

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