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Here you’ll find links to articles from other blogs that I found especially poignant or intriguing. Note that this does not mean I support the blogger’s social, political, or religious platform. It simply means the article was interesting.

Blog Name: Of Axe and Plough by Marc

De Natura Temporis et Rītuum Germānicōrum

The Economy of Sacrifice: Thoughts on the Value of Gifted Goods in Heathenry

The Sacred and Contemporary Paganism

Paganism as a Religion

The Problem of Apples Part I II III IV

The Realization of Polytheism

The Marginalization of Polytheists in the Public Sphere of Paganism

Blog Name: Nomadic Musings of a Wandering Polytheanimist by Thracian Exodus

Bad Math

Mythic Relations: On Avoiding Bulfinchian Religion

Squirrels Are Not Rocks

Paint it Red

A Polytheist Primer

Foundational Polytheism

Religions of Relation: Dynamics in Modern Polytheism

Many Roads: Dismantling Ideas of Polytheist Uniformity

Blog Name: Sarenth Odinsson’s Blog by Sarenth Odinsson

A Post for Newcomers to Polytheism

Theological Concepts, Language, and Means of Relation in Polytheism

On Polytheism, Rhetoric, and Politics

Broken Lines

Holiness is Rootedness

On Ritual Praxis – Structures, Roles, and Responsibilities

Blog Name: Walking Along a Pagan Path by Karlesha Silverros

Paganism, Christianity, and the Fear of God Syndrome

Being Open to Differences

Musings on the Story of Balder

Hearing the Voices, Seeing the Spirit, Feeling the Heart

Following the Ripples of Magic

Blog Name: Under the Ancient Oaks: Musings of a Pagan, Druid, and Unitarian Universalist by John Beckett

Our Gods Are Not Safe

Polytheism is Theism

Deep Magic

What Are We Not Seeing? 

Our Pagan Religions Are Never Settled

Blog Name: Shelley in the Rain: Assorted Thoughts and Musings by an Aspie Pagan by Shellylorraine

Dealing with an Invisible Disability

I Seek a Middle Ground Between Jungian and Hard Polytheist

The Problem with Monotheism and the Quest for a World Religion

Blog Name: Wyrd Designs by Wyrd Dottir

Exploring Our Gods and Goddess – Loki, at the Hearth Fire

The Gods are speaking to us, but are we paying attention?

Our Existence is Found Between Chaos & Order

Blog Name: Son of Hel by Lucius Svartwulf Helsen

Halstead and the “Atheist Wars” 

Orthodoxy Should Not Beget Adikodoxy

Does It Really Matter, Our Different Faiths? 

When Faith and History Fight

Let’s Talk About Exclusivity

Blog Name: The Journey of Jotun-Souled Hippie Lokean by Loki’s Little Hippie Witch

Your Inner Voice

Fenrir UPG

Iron Wood Clans

Blog Name: Hallowed Horns by Wodwose

Do the Gods Care? 

Drink From Another Cup

Can You Hear the Drums? 

Blog Name: Gangleri’s Grove by Galina Krasskova

Our Communities Make Me Tired

Blog Name: Wyrd Designs by Wyrd Dottir

Take a Knee

Blog Name: Sagna Hrœri by Sagna Hrœri

The Divine Vs. The Ego

Ragnarok and Roll

Blog Name: Letters from Hardscrabble Creek by Chas. S. Clifton

The Gods Do Not Vote, So Why Are You Asking Them?

Blog Name: Sparkle Puca by Sparkle Puca

Things to Consider Before Making Pledges and Oaths

The Other Half of Discernment is Disclosure

The Inevitable Rant About Discernment 

Doing Ritual Without Feeling Like a Pretentious Weirdo

No, Really, You Have to Do the Homework

The Spongecake is a Lie

On the Responsibility of Harsh Truths

Stand-Alone Pieces

The Scientific Pagan

Pagans Speak Out on Science, Creation, and the Big Bang

Dear Pagans: Please Stop Abusing Science

The Road Home

Polytheistic Voices: Interview with Dr. Edward Butler

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