Fighting White Supremacy

Here you will find news articles that discuss the rise of white supremacy terrorism in the United States and the threat it poses.

08/09/2019 Targeted for Violence: Here are some groups that white nationalists have singled out for terrorist attacks in the Trump era

08/09/2019 Tucker Carlson’s white supremacy is no ‘hoax’: How the Fox News star maks his hatred in populism

08/09/2019 REVEALED: DOJ blocked report showing white supremacists responsible for all race-based domestic terrorism incidents in 2018

08/09/2019 Sherrif begs for hate crime law after well-connected teen nearly skates from insanely racist videos

08/09/2019 Michigan police officer suspended after black visitors discovered KKK memorabilia in his home

08/09/2019 Suspected White Nationalist Leader Suspended From State Department

08/09/2019 ‘Dying of whiteness’: why racism is at the heart of America’s gun inaction

08/08/2019 Commentary: A national crisis: Surging hate crimes and white supremacists

08/08/2019 El Paso ‘on edge’ after armed Trump supporter detained for lurking outside migrant community center

08/08/2019 Racists make life miserable for a Maine bartender who exposed them as white supremacists

08/08/2019 The Fight Against White Nationalism is Different  

08/08/2019 ‘Blood on their hands’: The intelligence officer whose warning over white supremacy was ignored

08/08/2019 ‘Small and isolated’ Trump visited El Paso and all he left behind was a ‘fresh dose of racism’

08/08/2019 Imprisonment, job loss and lawsuits: Charlottesville neo-Nazis have suffered miserably after infamous hate rally

08/07/2019 After HuffPost Investigation, 4 White Nationalists Out of U.S. Military – But Others Allowed to Remain

08/07/2019 A Reformed White Nationalist Says the Worst Is Yet to Come

08/07/2019 The Strategy of Violent White Supremacy is Evolving

08/06/2019 Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting being investigated as domestic terrorism by FBI

08/05/2019 El Paso Was the Latest Tragedy of a Deadly, Global White Supremacist Movement

08/04/2019 How Many Attacks Will It Take Until the White Supremacist Threat Is taken Seriously? 

08/04/2019 El Paso Shooting Suspect May Have Shared Anti-Immigrant Manifesto Before Attack

08/03/2019 Pete Buttigieg: America ‘Under Attack From Homegrown White Nationalist Terrorists’

07/23/2019 The FBI Counted 100 Domestic Terrorism Arrests in The Past 9 Months

07/22/2019 3 White Supremacists Sentenced After 2017’s Charlottesville Rally

07/15/2019 Man in Charlottesville Car Attack Gets Life Sentence Plus 419 Years

06/04/2019 White Supremacists Keep Beating the Federal Government in Court

05/26/2019 9 People Attended a KKK Rally in Ohio. At Least 500 Showed Up To Protest Against Hate

05/24/2019 FBI Sees ‘Challenging’ Battle Against Domestic Terror Amid Rise in White Supremacist Threat

05/15/2019 White House Declines to Take Action on Combating Online Extremism

05/10/2019 Like ISIS Before Them, Far-Right Extremists Are Migrating To Telegram

05/08/2019 The FBI Has 850 Open Domestic Terrorism Investigations

04/27/2019 White Nationalists Storm Washington Bookstore Reading: ‘This Land is Our Land’

04/06/2019 How Far-Right Extremists Abroad Have Adopted Trump’s Symbols As Their Own

03/19/2019 Christchurch Has Had a White Supremacist Problem For Decades

03/16/2019 Mass Shooters Have Exploited the Internet For Years. New Zealand Took It To A New Level

03/16/2019 CNN’s Jim Acosta: ‘The White House Can’t Whitewash The White Nationalism’

03/15/2019 How White-Supremacist Violence Echoes Other Forms of Terrorism

02/13/2019 White Supremacist Gets Life in Prison for Killing Black Man With A Sword

01/28/2019 The Terrorism That Doesn’t Spark a Panic

02/28/2018 National Security Pros, It’s Time to Talk About Right-Wing Extremism






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