Here you will find the articles I’ve written about the various paths I walk.

Odin’s Path 

Walking Odin’s Path

Wearing the Valknut

Odin and Loki

Why I Follow Odin

Surviving Odin’s Path

Odin’s Path: Connection

Who Goes to Valhalla? Or, Odin is a God of War and Wisdom, not War Alone

Analysis of “Óđinn: A Queer T ýr?”

Loki’s Path 

Who is Loki?

Loki: Catalyst and Fire God

Loki’s Courage

Loki through the Runes


Loki and Limits

Loki and Balder – Loki as the In-Between

On a Whim: Loki’s Way

UPG: Loki and the Power of Names

Change Always Wins

Loki & Polytheism

Loki’s Path: Essential Marginality

A Lokean Type of Courage

Loki’s Path – the Non-Binary World

For Loki: A Lost Reflection Found

On the Worship of Loki – A Facebook Discussion Response

Loki Worldbreaker: The Bound God and Overcoming Limitations

Loki – A Few Perceptions

The Change Loki Wreaks

Loki as Thresholder: Loki Opens Doors, but We Walk through Them

Analysis of Seigfried’s Comparison of Loki and Trump

Worldbreaker: The Price of Liminality

Loki: Guardian of Sacrifice

Loki & Relationships: The Godspouse Conundrum

Loki Silvertongue: Words as Weapons

Loki: Conversations at Taco Bell

Tyr’s Path 

Tyr’s Path

Tyr’s Path: Boundaries

Trading with Tyr

Tyr’s Path: Need for Balance

Freyr’s Path 


Harvest Songs

When Freyr Provides

Sigyn’s Path 

Sigyn in Runes

What Sigyn Has Taught Me

Sigyn’s Strength

Freyja’s Path 

Winter Nights

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